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DIY Clients / Portals

With the increase in DIY property resale portals, and more educated clients who feel they can manage their own transactions, a Real Estate Salespersons’ (RES) career face a multitude of challenges if it is based on conventional Buy / Sell / Rent processes that have worked in the past. Clients today view the normal way of marketing their property of lesser value that before, and so pay lesser commissions.

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Information Easily Accessible

With the barrage of information on the internet, clients may have done their homework and at times feel they know enough, or even more than property agents. So when Property Agents meet clients today, these clients may have preconceived beliefs and ideas. This often become barriers that Property Agents need to overcome in order for their clients to accept their proposals and solutions.

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Agents Are Common

With over 30,000 Property Agents in Singapore, clients have choices. For any RES to stand out in the crowd, it is a big challenge with the many award winning producers out there. But does that mean you as a new RES, or inexperienced Property Agent, cannot thrive in this industry? Note the producers today were also new and inexperienced yesterday. So what did they do differently?

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Are You Facing These Challenges Yourself?

Our Supportive Teamwork

While earnings are based on individual effforts, the real esate agent journey need not be lonely. We regularly invite members to join our many specialized teams that focus on unique segments of the property market. We have a strong track record of success in these teams, with each rewarding its members financially while leveraging on one another’s strengths.

Our most popular teams are focused on the new residential launches in Singapore, where commissions are very lucrative. Team mates share the cost and rewards for each new property launch campaign, making it low risk for new comers who are learning how to succeed in the residential segment.

Successful and proven strategies are shared among members of the team regularly via our internal trainings, so that everyone improves and progresses in their skill set and confidence. We also provide a channel for members to consult multiple leaders for solutions with their challenges in our weekly Property Agent Clinic. We provide team mates with a platform where we can help one another solve issues.

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Our Consultative Approach

Today’s clients are well informed because of the vast data and information available on the internet. Therefore the early methods of just providing a buy, sell and rent service no longer have a big value in the client’s mindset, and a reason to pay us a handsome commission. We have adopted a consultative approach in serving our clients, and created advantageous tools to support the advise we give to them. By providing multiple solutions for clients to choose from, we empower the clients to make the right decision based on their needs, and come beside them to execute the proposal they have chosen. By being at their side from the planning stage until they collect the keys to their new home, we are seen as advisors who provide insights and cover blindspots in their property buying journey. More details are found in our Home Buying Advisory.

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Our Signature Trainings

Our structured training program adds value to RES at every level.

For new entrants, we have an Orientation program and Professional start-up program to provide guides and tools on what currently works in the industry. Our mentors also come aside each new member for on-the-job training in prospecting, negotiations, and the process flow of a transaction. After each member are independent, we have the Asset Progression Consultant Training that equips the RES with advanced techniques to advise clients on wealth building through real estate.

Experienced RES who trust us with their Property Agent Career can take on specialized skills that focus on the different market segments, like commercial properties, landed houses, HDB, etc. We also have agents who are successful in building their careers using digital marketing. We believe by keeping up to date with technology, we empower each member to accelerate their progress.

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