Branding As Advisor

Generally when people hear “Property Agent”, they connect this term to a professional who they look for when they need to buy / sell / rent a property. For a RES who introduces themselves as and depends on this identity, their approach to their income is passive, as they have to wait till demand from a prospect.

The typical activities of a Property Agent are:

1. Get cold leads through prospecting.

2. Qualify if the lead is ready to commit.

3. If not, to follow up regularly until they are.

4. If ready, complete the transaction.

Successful Property Agent Career Platinum Achiever Christopher

The alternative is an active approach, to be branded as a “Property Wealth Advisor”. We differ in that we create demand by advising clients on how to build their property portfolio. We combine our activities with those of a Property Agent to reach cold leads as well, and add value on top of just getting a new home for them.

The typical activities of a Property Wealth Advisor are:

1. Reconnect with friends and acquaintances.

2. Propose building a property portfolio for the family and leave a legacy for future generations.

3. Review financially options to proceed.

4. If feasible, plan the process of establishing the portfolio and execute.

To understand in detail how our branding and Property Wealth Advisor process works in detail, contact our Mentors.

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