Home Buying Advisory

With the increase in DIY property resale portals, and more educated clients who feel they can manage their own transactions, we Real Estate Salespersons (RES) will face a multitude of challenges if we stick to the conventional Buy / Sell / Rent processes that have worked in the past.

Our Solution is the Home Buying Advisory.

By positioning ourselves as an advisor to clients, we are required to understand that buying a new home is an important decision in a person’s life, and we want to be there to help make the journey as easy and safe for them. As part of our care and concern for all home buyers, we are here to bring clarity to our clients’ home buying process with a step-by-step system on what is expected at different stages.

This Is Our F.A.S.T System.

Home Buying Advisory FAST Method For Building A Successful Property Agent Career

With this proven process, we have successfully helped to answer these questions that many of our clients have in mind …

  1. Is this the right time to buy?
  2. How much CPF can I use to make the purchase?
  3. What is my risk when fulfilling my mortgage obligations in the event I have no income?
  4. If I am selling my current residence before having enough funds to make a purchase;
    • How much of the cash and CPF proceeds can be used to pay for the new home?
    • Should I buy the new home first? Or sell my current residence first?
    • Where do I plan to stay when the new home is being built?
    • What is the optimum timeline between selling and buying such that sale proceeds will in time to fulfill the payments of the new home?

As part of the RES training, you will be trained to be a proficient advisor and add value beyond what a typical sales person is expected of.

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