Quarterly Singapore Property Market Insights

With the barrage of information about property available on the internet and in the news, clients may do their own homework and at times feel they know enough, or even more than property agents. Therefore, when RES meet clients today, these clients may already have preconceived beliefs and ideas, and often form barriers to a property agent’s proposals and solutions.

However more often than not, because news and information that the clients receive are piecemeal and from different sources, many may be confused and form the wrong conclusion.

Our Solution is the Quarterly Property Market Insights.

Property Agent Career Market Insights On Demand
Property Agent Career Market Insights On Supply
Property Agent Career Quarterly Insights On Affordability

We analyse the Singapore residential property data every month and provide our team’s unique insights to the DEMAND, SUPPLY and AFFORDABILITY of the market.

This set of insights are readily available to all team members to compliment their proposals, or to serve as a macro view of the market and a predictive model for future trends.

The team also hold seminars where we share the Market Insights with the public. This is suitable for team mates who feel inadequate to present the insights themselves and instead leverage on the Mentors to help present the key findings to their clients. All they need to do is to invite their clients to the seminar.

Have a challenging client? Let us help you persuade them.

Quarterly Property Market Insights Seminar

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