RES Examination

As the entry level examination for all who want to pursue a career in the property industry as a RES, passing the RES examination is mandatory as is ensures a future RES is equipped with the fundamental knowledge and competency about the real estate agency industry, professionalism,  work, and key property matters

The RES examination is conducted by SEAMEO Regional Language Centre, the appointed CEA administrator.

Res Exam Format

The RES Examination consists of 2 papers, and conducted on 2 separate days.

Paper 1 covers two competencies:

  1. Real Estate Agency Industry Overview & Basic Land Law Concepts
  2. Dealings With Interests In Land

And 3 sections:

  1. Section A: 50 multiple choice questions (MCQ), total of 50 marks.
  2. Section B: 15 MCQ with related to 1 or 2 case studies, total 30 marks.
  3. Section C: 10 fill-in-the-blanks with the answer questions, total 20 marks.

Paper 2 covers two competencies:

  1. Regulation Of Real Estate Agency Industry & Real Estate Marketing
  2. Property Transactions

And with the same format as paper 1.

RES Exam Sample Questions

Below are sample RES examination questions as amended on 1 January 2019. These questions are meant to provide a reference on how the examination will be testing the candidates on each competency unit, the level of difficulty of each paper, and what is the learning objective candidates are meant to meet.


After Taking The Examination

Candidates will be notified by email of their results between 4 to 6 weeks from the appointed exam administrator of CEA.

Those who have only passed one paper need to retake and pass the other paper within a 2-year period. The partial pass in the RES examination is invalid after the 2 year time frame, and candidates will need to re-do the RES preparatory course before taking the entire RES examination again.

If you have passed the RES examination, you will be issued a RES examination certificate. At this point you can join the real estate industry as a salesperson by making an application through a licensed real estate agency within 2 years from when you sat and passed the RES examination.


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