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You have big dreams for yourself in the property industry, but are concerned which company in Singapore can give you the best opportunities, the best support and the best environment to succeed. You are not alone at this crossroad, as we ourselves have been there before. And in order to make the best decision, one is advised to assess the agency for the 3 Essential Foundations That Support Every Successful RES.


First Foundation – Does The Agency Care For Its People?

We have all heard horror stories about companies that love money and use people, whereas a people-oriented company not only values client’s interest over profits, it invests significant amounts of time and money to develop tools and training programs to help associates succeed. The company adds value to every new RES who join them, giving each RES a head start in the industry.

Propnex Realty Pte Ltd is a company that strongly believes that if they take care of their associates, their associates will take care of the company’s business. Propnex invests heavily on the development of their associates, and over the years have distilled the key elements of every successful RES into 3 feature training programs. These programs have transformed many individuals into leaders and influencers of the industry, and it is open to every associate in the company, regardless if they are new or have many years of experience. Furthermore, associates can always re-attend any of the training programs that they have completed before, which are held a few times within a year, to strengthen an area of expertise.

The training modules are segmented into 3 parts:

  1. The RES success fundamentals
  2. The Mindset enhancement programs
  3. The Skillset enhancement programs
Propnex Training Roadmap

Advance Training Programs

Power Up Plus Training For A Successful Property Agent Career
Basics Training
Power Project Sales Training For A Successful Property Agent Career
Professionalism Training
Power Financial Presentation Training For A Successful Property Agent Career
Skillset Training

Second Foundation – Does The Company Have A Clear Career Path For Its People?

The advantage of Propnex is that it not only has one, but two distinct career paths to help associates succeed within the company. As the brain child of Mr. Alan Lim, a key founder, the Dual Career Path scheme motivates leaders with a team with a share of the company’s profits when key levels of achievement are fulfilled. This has increased retention rate of talented individuals and has allowed leaders of different skill sets to succeed in their careers. Therefore, Propnex has revolutionized the industry by removing salesmanship as THE most important criteria for success as a realtor. This allows older aged veterans in the industry to continue to grow their property agent career even when they slowed down on their sales, remaining relevant to their team by passing on their knowledge and experiences to the younger team members.


Third Foundation – Is The Company Growing?

I believe all of us have heard of the old adage “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”, and this is reality for any company in a competitive industry such as real estate.

Not only has Propnex grown from a privately owned enterprise to a listed company on the Singapore Stock Exchange, it has grown in size as well, reaching above 12,000 associates as of 2023!

Propnex had dedicated itself to also grow technologically to be relevant with the times, adopting information technology to help associates earn more money and faster. Propnex invested millions of dollars to improve the processes related to prospecting, administration, and customer relations. The results of its R&D are the industry leading Propnex Apps found in the RES Success Kit.

The Apps developed by Propnex not only allows the associate to share information of their properties on hand internally with the other team mates so that transactions can be quicker, it also allows new RES who do not have clients to share in the marketing of an existing property, shortening the time needed for them to close their first deal. No longer do new RES need to take weeks to accumulate enough properties to sell and rent before making a decent income.

More solutions are in-built into the Propnex Apps to assist associates reach out and convert clients. You can read more about its features from the RES Success Kit.


With the support of the Company, associates need only a good team to serve as a platform for them to effortlessly execute and leverage on the resources available…

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