The Team

After the company sets a foundation, we now look at how the Team culture encourages progress and cooperation among one another by addressing key factors…


a. Do The Top Management Help The Associates Educate Their Clients?

Building a good IT system and training platform does not guarantee success for an associate if the people are not aligned to the Company mission of helping one another.

So more importantly than the company, are the top management people-centric too? Does the management team step out of their positions and status to talk to your clients and help you close the deal? Is the CEO of the company and his team actively on the ground to help you succeed?
CEO Ismail Property Agent Career Consumer Seminar invite
CEO As Speaker For Event
CEO Ismail At Consumer Empowerment Seminar To Support Property Agent Career
Full House At A Consumer Empowerment Seminar

Propnex CEO Mr Ismail Gafoor believes in setting an example for associates, and personally conducts Consumer Empowement Seminars (CES) that allow for him to personally address concerns that associates and their clients have with regards to property matters.

KEO Yong Hock Property Agent Career Consumer Seminar invite
KEO Address In Mandarin
KEO Yong Hock Consumer Empowerment Seminar To Support Property Agent Career
Mr Lim Yong Hock With The Attendees
Deputy CEO Kelvin Fong Consumer Empowerment Seminar Invite
Executive Director Training
Deputy CEO Kelvin Fong Consumer Empowerment Seminar To Support Property Agent Career
ED Mr Kelvin Fong Speaking At A CES

Propnex Key Executive Officer And Executive Director spear heading their own Consumer Empowerment Seminars to ensure the associates have ample opportunities to invite their clients to one of the CES to gain property market knowledge and make informed decisions. It is the direction of the company and the management that all associates move towards a consultancy role in their interactions with their clients, and with any consultancy, open communication and providing knowledge to clients is key to building trust. The aim is to build stability in your Property Agent Career.

b. Does The Team And Leaders Help RES To Succeed?

Other than attending lessons and bringing clients to seminars, the fastest and most effective way for any RES to learn is on-the-job training. However, as new RES ourselves before, we understand the fears and concerns each RES face at their first appointment with a client, we empathize with the discouraged when they are rejected by a prospect, and we feel for you when you are about to clinch the deal but the client throws a last minute rejection which left you dumbfounded …..

We therefore have been conducting a 30-day mentoring and on-the-job training program for the past few years, where we teach the RES theory aspects of a particular skill in the day, for example how to prospect at an outdoor event, and we the mentors join the RES in the evenings to assist the RES on the practical aspect.

RES who are trained in this manner for 30-days learnt faster and are more confident.

So who are the key mentors who have committed themselves to the development of RES under their care?

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